Wealth Innovation Forum – Budapest 2015

Date: 16/10/2015

Sorry, this event now part of history.

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  • Rival Low Tax Jurisdictions in the European Union
  • Classic Offshore Structures in Modern Wealth Planning: Ten Hot Tips for Minimizing Costs and Ensuring Compliance
  • Individual Citizenship and Corporate Planning in the Republic of Cyprus
  • U.S. Tax Considerations for Inbound Investments in U.S. Real Estate
  • Malta Fiscal Incentives as a EU Financial Centre
  • Dubai is a global “City of opportunities”
  • Hungarian corporate and trust laws and relevant basic taxation rules as well as the real estate market and the taxation of real estate transactions
  • Invest in Real Estate During Crisis: How to Protect Your Assets and Increase Their Value in Hard Currency
  • Singapore Companies for Global Business
  • Wealth management for Ukrainian clients – trends and preferences in crisis.
  • Hong Kong Companies for Wealth Management Structures & Business Activities in Chinа

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