CIS Wealth Ekaterinburg 2015

Date: 04/06/2015

Sorry, this event now part of history.

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  • Fiduciary Transactions and Escrow Accounts – Safe Way for Assets and Investments Protection
  • Citizenship by investment programs in Dominica, Grenada and St Kitts & Nevis
  • Malta: Citizenship, Residency & Malta Tax Solutions
  • International programs of economic citizenship and residency from the aspect of Russian legislation and legislation of host country
  • RAK Investment Authority – Real platform for your international business
  • Estonian Company – the Best Instrument for Doing Business in Europe and Getting Residence Permit in Spain
  • Doing business in the New Environment in the European Jurisdictions: Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria
  • Cypriot Passport Through Investments
  • Invest in Real Estate during crisis: how to protect your assets and increase their value in hard currency
  • Singapore Companies – Perfect Instrument for Global Business in the Era of Deoffshorization
  • Swiss Info Cloud – protection of assets and information
  • Structuring your wealth and business through the Netherlands


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