CIS Wealth Moscow 2017

Date: 20/02/2017 — 21/02/2017

Sorry, this event now part of history.

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Day 1

  • Malta Residence, Citizenship and Tax
  • Cyprus Citizenship & Residency through Investment in Real Estate
  • Hungarian and Bulgarian companies in the modern tax planning and opening of bank accounts in Hungary for foreign companies
  • Monaco – the Location of Choice
  • Latest Swiss Tax Developments
  • Investments in Germany commercial real estate
  • Yacht registration and exploitation in view of changing Russian and EU legislation
  • Swiss opportunities for CIS high-net-worth individuals: relocation to Switzerland, trusts, acquisition of real estate and works of art
  • Foreign accounts of citizens of Russia: foreign exchange and tax implications and limitations
  • EB-5 Investor visa and other US immigration programs
  • Cyberthreats for private clients, family offices and the wealth management industry

Day 2

  • Cyprus as a gateway for investments, following Brexit
  • Portugal: investment, residence, citizenship and non-habitual tax regime
  • United Kingdom – residency by investment in the post-Brexit environment and official launch of the InvestUK Education Bond
  • The Point at Petite Calivigny – A Bright New Star in the Caribbean
  • Citizenship and passport for Russian nationals NOT by investment: Israel and Ukraine
  • Complex wealth structuring and estate planning
  • Risks and opportunities of deoffshorization: automatic exchange, practical issues of CFC disclosure, tax-free liquidation
  • Structuring of family offices – legal and tax aspects
  • Disclosure of beneficial owners
  • Pass-through taxation of beneficial owner
  • Wealth succession in Russia: formation of traditions and role of private-banking



UBF Group | Speaker photo
Ekaterina Varadi
Laveco Group, Hungary
UBF Group | Speaker photo
Andreas Santis
Leptos Estates, Cyprus
UBF Group | Speaker photo
Maxim Simonov
Duvernoix Legal, Russian Federation
UBF Group | Speaker photo
Ruslan Yusufov
UBF Group | Speaker photo
Rupert Gather
InvestUK Ltd, United Kingdom
UBF Group | Speaker photo
Anatoly Gakenberg
Law Office of Anatoly Gakenberg, United Kingdom
UBF Group | Speaker photo
Victoria Kondratenko
Landmark Management SAM, Monaco
UBF Group | Speaker photo
Julija Cassiano Neves
Mayer Jardim Private Client Law, Portugal
UBF Group | Speaker photo
Arnaud Cywie
Borel & Barbey, Switzerland
UBF Group | Speaker photo
Andrey Lomakin
West Nautical, United Kingdom
UBF Group | Speaker photo
Diana Kalyaeva
PwC Legal, Russian Federation
UBF Group | Speaker photo
Vladislav Masalsky
Bavaria Investments GmbH, Germany
UBF Group | Speaker photo
Irina Rench
Reyl Prime Solutions S.A., Switzerland
UBF Group | Speaker photo
Julia Tirazona
DF Advocates, Malta
UBF Group | Speaker photo
Christofer C. Ashby
C&C Grenadines, Grenada
UBF Group | Speaker photo
Alexander Padalko
Roedl and Partner, Russian Federation
UBF Group | Speaker photo
Anna Krasivskaya
Citigold Private Client Russia, Russian Federation
UBF Group | Speaker photo
Charles Raether
AmLaw Group PLLC, United States
UBF Group | Speaker photo
Anton Andreev
Consulting and Legal Centre Heritage, Russian Federation


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