CIS Wealth St. Petersburg 2014

Date: 18/02/2014 — 19/02/2014

Sorry, this event now part of history.

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Day 1

  • Wealth management on crossroad of paradigms – Old Wealth vs New Wealth
  • The Netherlands and Luxembourg, legal and fiscal solutions for international business
  • Saint Kitts & Nevis and Antigua Economic Citizenships or Citizenships by Investment
  • Investment programs and corporate solutions
  • Hungary as a wealth planning jurisdiction
  • RAK Investment Authority – Right Choice for Your Business
  • Estonian companies as the best instrument for European business and integration in Europe in comparison with the traditional jurisdictions.
  • Provision of Regulated Investment Services in or through Cyprus: A Fantastic Tax Planning Tool for Investors and Asset Managers
  • Latvia and the world trends in 2014: an overview of the latest legislation changes
  • Business, Investment and Immigration Strategies in the U.S
  • Switzerland: Structures and Solutions

Day 2

  • The UAE: Onshore Versus Offshore
  • Opportunities and threats facing Russian private wealth in 2014. Latvia’s solution
  • Hong Kong update: Companies Act and Double Tax Treaties
  • How Families Preserve Wealth for Generations Using Trust and Foundations
  • Current and future UK immigration landscape for high net worth individuals and their families
  • Malta – Effective Management of VAT payment on Superyachts navigating EU waters
  • Formalizing the investment process
  • Diamonds as Investment
  • SPI Management : Swiss passport for your investments
  • Blocked Bank Accounts in Switzerland
  • Wealth Management in Israel – Legal, Tax and Regulatory Considerations
  • Private Equity (PE) as an Alternative Asset Class of Investment
  • Fine Art as an Alternative Investment


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