This document “Public offer for participation in business events” (hereinafter – “Offer”) is a proposal of the Individual Entrepreneur Velykohatko Yulia Vasil’yevna, hereinafter referred to as the “Contractor”, to conclude an agreement on the provision of services (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) on the terms set out below with any person who accepts this offer (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”). In joint mentioning, the Contractor and the Customer are hereinafter referred to as “Parties”.

1. The order of conclusion of the Contract

1.1. The Offer is considered accepted by the Customer and the Agreement concluded by the Parties from the moment of execution by the Customer of a set of the following actions:

a) Applying for participation in events announced on the official website of the Contractor  by filling out a questionnaire on the site, or by e-mail Submission of the application is made after acquaintance with the text of the Offer. Submission of the application forms the basis for invoicing the ordered services.

b) The customer pays the invoice. A contract is concluded in respect of these services in the long run from the date of payment.

1.2. In accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, the written form of the Agreement is considered to be complied with if the person who received the offer, within the time period established for its acceptance, performs actions to fulfill the conditions of the Agreement specified in the offer, including actions for payment of the Contractor’s services.

2. Subject of the Contract

2.1. The Contractor undertakes to provide the Customer with information and consulting services (hereinafter – “Services”) in the framework of business events – business forums, conferences, exhibitions, seminars, business breakfasts and other events announced on the official site of the performer (hereinafter referred to as “Events”) on the terms set out below.

2.2. The venue, time and program of events are announced on the official site on the event page.

2.3. The Program of Events is published on the site, and may change at the discretion of the Contractor.

3. The cost of the Services, the Settlement Procedure, Cancellation and Return of Cash

3.1. The cost of the Services is indicated on the invoice based on the tariffs placed on the Performer’s site.

3.2. The Customer undertakes to pay for the Services on the terms of 100% prepayment before the start of the event.

3.3. Payment is made by transfer of funds to the bank account specified in Section 6.

3.4. If the customer is an individual person, payment for services shall be allowed with the use of electronic payment systems.

3.5. Payment can be made by paying an invoice by bank transfer, or by paying by an individual an electronic invoice issued in Portmone system, sent to the client by email.

3.6. At the request of the Customer, the Act of rendered services is provided to the Customer through its representative participating in the Event on the day of its completion. The Customer undertakes to sign the Act on the day of receipt or to send written objections to the Contractor within the same period. In the event that the signed certificate or written objections are not received within the prescribed period, the Services shall be deemed accepted by the Customer in full without any observations.

3.7. Cancellation & Refund Policy:

  • Cancellation of participation 31-60 days before the Event – 100% refund the cost of participation
  • Cancellation of participation 15-30 days before the Event – 50% refund the cost of participation
  • Cancellation of participation 1-15 days before the Event – no refund of participation
  • If the Event is canceled by the Contractor, the Contractor returns 100% of the cost of participation to the Customer.

3.8. Before payment of the registration fee, participation in the event is not confirmed by the Contractor shall not undertake any obligations to the Customer.

Other provisions

4.1. The Agreement shall enter into force upon acceptance of the Offer by the Customer and shall remain in force until the Parties fulfill their obligations.

4.2. The Agreement can be terminated in accordance with the procedure provided for by the current legislation of Ukraine.

4.3. In the event of the Customer’s refusal from the Agreement including the absence of the Customer or the participants sent by him at the Event or any part thereof, the cost of the Services is not recalculated and the paid money is not returned.

4.4. Under no circumstances will the Contractor be liable to any party for any direct, indirect, special or other indirect damage as a result of any use of information on the Site or on any other website to which there is a hyperlink from the Site.

4.5. By paying for the Contractor’s services under the Agreement, the Customer agrees with the terms of this Agreement and with the fact that he is not entitled to demand from the Contractor any compensation for moral, material harm or damage caused to the Customer both during the term of this Agreement and at the expiry of the term his actions.

4.6. The Contractor shall not be liable for the methods and results of the use by the Customer of the information obtained during the provision of the Services.

4.7. The Parties shall take measures to resolve all disputes and disagreements arising from the Agreement or in connection with its execution by negotiation. The time for consideration of the claim is set at 30 (thirty) days from the date of its receipt by the other Party.

4.8. In the event that it is impossible to resolve disputes and disagreements through negotiation, such disputes and disagreements shall be considered in court at the location of the Contractor.

4.9. By concluding the Agreement, the Customer freely, by his own will and in his interest, gives irrevocable written consent for the use of any personal data specified in it or provided separately in connection with the conclusion and / or execution of the Agreement, including an indication on the Contractor’s website that is a publicly available source of personal data, as well as other ways of processing such personal data, including any action (operation) or set of actions (operations) performed using automation tools or without using such means with personal data, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), extract, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data.

4.10. In the event that the Customer provides personal data to third parties, the Customer gives permission for their use in accordance with paragraph 4.9. and guarantees the receipt of written consent of the said persons for such use. Responsibility for violation of this requirement in full is assigned to the Customer.

4.11. The Contractor reserves the right to carry out audio, video and photography in the framework of the Event, which can be used for any purpose, including confirmation of the Customer’s participation in the Event.

4.12. The Customer and the participants of the Business Forum sent to them are prohibited from carrying out audio, video and photography without the express written permission of the Contractor.

4.13. All notifications and other documents under the Contract shall be sent to the addresses indicated in the application relating to it and this Offer. Notifications and other documents in writing are sent by registered mail or courier service with confirmation of delivery, other messages can be sent by fax or e-mail from / to indicated in the relevant application or this Offer of telephone numbers(s) / e-mail addresses.

4.14. The Parties are entitled at any time to formalize the Agreement for the provision of Services on the terms of this Offer in the form of one document signed by both Parties.

4.15. The current version of the Offer is available on the Contractor’s website and is available on the Internet at

5. Force Majeure

5.1. The Parties shall be released from liability for the full or partial non-fulfillment of their obligations under the Contract, if such non-compliance was the result of circumstances of force-majeure, that is, extraordinary and inevitable under these circumstances.

5.2. The circumstances of force majeure include, in particular: natural disasters, military actions, the national crisis, strikes in the industry or region, actions and decisions of state authorities, failures arising in telecommunication and power networks, the conduct of malicious programs, as well as unfair actions of the third persons expressed in actions aimed at unauthorized access and / or failure of the software and / or hardware of each of the Parties.

6. Contractor Details:

Individual Entrepreneur Velykokhatko Yuliia Vasyl’yevna
ID code: 3085403060, a single tax payer, not subject to VAT
Bank accounts: 26007056129261 (UAH), 26003056125225 (EUR) at Branch “Kievciti” PJSC CB “Privatbank”, Kyiv, MFO 380775
Bank accounts: 26003598067 (UAH), 26001598069 (EUR) at Raiffaisen Bank Aval in Kyiv, MFO 380805
Address: Business Centre Vesta, office 173, 21 Vikentiya Khvoyky Street, Kyiv, 04080.
Office Tel: +38 096 194 55 29 e-mail:


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